Case Studies

Shendy’s Swim Centre

Recently expanded from a 2 day part-time swim school, to a 7 day aquatics provider

Registrations were pouring in, but legacy systems were making it difficult and expensive to operate the business

The web was full of solutions, but none of them were simple, and allowed Shendy’s to offer their swimmers the flexibility it had built its reputation on

Then, Shendy’s reached out to us

We took the time to understand the business, the challenges they were faced with, and the experience they wanted to offer.

RegistrMe had the simplicity they needed to delight their clients, and to enhance his business operations.

And so we got to work

Owner Eric Shendelman is not a technical guy.

RegistrMe let him get back in the water and focus on what matters most: providing great lessons, in the pool.

2 days a week to 7

Now Shendy’s is not only at full capacity, there is a waitlist of students wanting to register.  The business was able to sustain its growth by simplifying its operations, taking costs out, and providing swimmers with an unbeatable experience.