Our Advantage

Every other registration & enrolment system on the market thinks that filling a spot in a program, is the same as selling a t-shirt.  Students are not t-shirts. 

This is problematic because traditional shopping carts:

– Do not allow for combining students
with similar traits, but varying needs

– Do not fill capacity
preventing your business from maximizing revenue and efficiency

– Do not build relationships
making it cumbersome to stay in touch and re-enroll

It’s no surprise many recreational programs still manage their registration and enrolment by hand

There are shopping carts a plenty but they are made for t-shirts, not students.

Recreational programs that thrive, offer great experiences.  As a business owner your operations should be simple so that you can delight your students and their families.  

RgstrMe provides you with a platform that simplifies:

+ Registration for new and returning students
from student request, to payment & confirmation

+  Enrolment made easy
customized enrolments that make students happy, and maximizes your business’ potential

+  Get to know your students
from progress reports and communication, to advanced reporting