Product Features

Simple registration
Accepts registration requests based on client need, not inventory

  • One or multiple Facilities
  • Supports multiple registration periods for a single session
  • Straight through processing of student information & payments

Easy  enrolment
Enrol students based on their requests to maximize capacity in based on your environment, not artificial limits placed on a class

  • Class assignment dashboard
  • Staff assignment capability
  • Invoices, receipts, discounts, and refunds

Build a relationship
Provide ongoing communication and interaction with your students, their families, and your staff

  • Easy repeat registration
  • Advanced reporting
  • Elegant Design
  • Website integration

Technical Elegance & Security
Proven secure cloud platform Microsoft AZURE & Active Directory B2C

  • Data encryption (rest & transit) to cover all possible privacy issues
  • Responsive design to accomodate mobile, tablet, and desktop